Pet Funeral Plans

The best farewell to your life companion

Why a Pet Funeral Plan?

As the cost of funerals grow, so too does the cost of cremation of your pets. The average estimated costs now exceed £500, with many people not taking this into account until it is too late.

By taking out a Pet Funeral plan, you not only save money, you protect yourself from rising costs, but most of all you guarantee your pet is given a dignified send off.

If you leave your pet with a vet, it will be stored for a weekly a collection, amongst many other surgeries, before being disposed of at a larger communal disposal company.

We will arrange for your pet to be collected and treated with the dignified farewell it deserves.

We work with a network of local Pet Crematoriums to ensure your pet is collected from your local vets or transported by you and your family to say your final farewells.

We will then ensure that you are reunited, and the Ashes are delivered back in the way you request.

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